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I am once again working from home, and I spend a lot of time with my fur-baby Layla. I am your typical, soon to be living in an “empty-nest” mom. I embrace natural living where I can – but I enjoy life along the way. I love getting together with friends for good food and drinks! I have weight to lose and I am far from perfect, but I am doing all I can to try and live my best life. Over four years ago, I found essential oils and they quickly became a very important part of our daily lives. My family and I would NEVER be without them. It’s a natural extension of my life.

I enjoy sharing essential oils and other goodies that I’ve found to be uplifting and beneficial to my family and I. The first time I utilized essential oils, they worked better and without harm. That opened up a whole new world. A more natural, healthful, and vital life.

I’d love to get to know you, why not come along and enjoy learning about these little bottles of goodness? I keep it simple, I’m not real fancy – I sincerely want to share!

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